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Jim Evans - Hand
"The most positive aspects of my experience with Specialty Orthopaedics were how quickly that I got in for therapy and how I was treated like I was special. The teamwork is amazing. I hoped to choose the date of my hand surgery which I even got to do! Dr. Piston had a plan for the procedure on my finger even though other doctors had told me in the past it was hopeless. Dr. Piston really informed me of everything he was going to do, drew it out, and went over it with me when I had the surgery. Then he came in to see me and was really happy with how it went. The following Monday I was set up for therapy and Dennis already knew what was going on and had the whole thing outlined and ready to go. The attention you receive from the staff here is just amazing!"
Sheryl Scarmack - Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger
"I have been coming here for 13 years. My husband and I retired and moved here from New York and New Jersey. I've had orthopedic problems since I was very young and I needed to follow up with orthopedic care for my back, neck and other arthritic problems and my friend recommended Dr. Piston. I immediately appreciated his manner and method of handling a patient. Dr. Piston spends so much time with his patients and he is such a lovely man and so is his family. At that time I needed more therapy, which I'd had in the past. I needed shots one day and my therapist came up and held my hand and I thought that was just overwhelming. I've had carpal tunnel surgery by Dr. Piston and most recently trigger finger surgery. I also have a very bad back and neck which cannot be operated on and I am still doctoring for that. The association I have with these people here is amazing. It is really amazing! They are so kind, thoughtful, dedicated, diligent, helpful and friendly. It is like a big family downstairs and upstairs. The other thing I want to mention is the wonderful patient relationships you form as you go through therapy meeting other people."
Donna Newsom - Total Knee Replacements
"I have had two successful knee replacements from Dr. Piston. He has given me back a pain-free life. Dr. Piston is extremely conscientious with his procedures and the risk level of failure and infection is low if you do exactly what you are told The surgery is the beginning ground work and the therapy is your long term success. This facility and the therapists are the top of the field! Do what you are told and you will be happy!"
Gordon Evans - Knee
"I tore my meniscus 2 years ago and Dr. Piston scoped my left knee. It was clear at the time I would eventually need a total knee. After recently experiencing constant pain and limping, I had the knee replaced in June 2010. I am doing well. I had the surgery on a Monday and drove myself from Knox, PA to Hermitage for therapy the next day. The staff is great and I would recommend Dr. Piston and the Rehab staff to anyone. In fact I have some of his cards and hand them out to everyone I know who needs Orthopedic care in the Clarion area."
Randy Jones - Total Knee
"I had a total knee replacement in April of 2009. My family Doctor referred me to Dr. Piston because my knee had deteriorated to “bone on bone” which was very painful. I was very happy with Dr. Piston and the surgery. I went through Rehab at Specialty Orthopaedics after my surgery and thought the staff was excellent. Everyone was very nice and I would recommend them to anyone who has orthopedic issues. I recently had to have my knee scoped for scar tissue and once again I am very happy with the results. Dr. Piston also replaced one of my dad’s hips and also operated on my sister."
Sandy Husing - Total Knee Replacement
"I couldn't cross my legs or walk up steps. My knee was constantly going out from under me, and I even fell a few times. Dr. Piston was wonderful. Now I can sit, walk and climb stairs again. I had gone to different doctors for five years, and even had arthroscopic surgery. but I could not get relief until I was referred to Dr. Piston. He had me walking with a cane and brace after only three weeks!"
Larry Loth - Total Hip Replacement
"I had a total hip replacement on my left side. I learned that my hip problem actually originated with issues involving my right knee. Dr. Piston replaced my hip and I had to have shots in my knee. Dr. Piston was very precise and extremely thorough. He explained everything very well. He told me exactly what to expect and answered all my questions. My surgery was four months ago and I would say I am 99% recovered. The medical and Rehab staffs were very professional, friendly and courteous."
Frank Badolato - Knee
"I actually had 3 knee scopes, a unispacer put in my right knee and a total left knee replacement done in recent years. I am doing well and had a good experience relative to my surgeries. Of all the Physicians who have treated me regardless of specialty, Dr. Piston is the most thorough. He listens to complaints and cares about your problems. He takes time to answer questions and explains in detail. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Piston. I also entrusted him to provide Orthopedic care for my two sons."
Donald Miller - 2 Total Hips
"I had a disease known as Sarcoidosis which had to be treated with steroids. The steroids caused my hip joints to deteriorate and they both had to be replaced. I had my right knee replaced in January and my left knee in June. Dr. Piston was excellent. He took the time to explain what was going to be done and how he was going to do it. He is excellent and I would recommend him highly. I am currently in Rehab and feeling good about my progress."
Kathy Mecak - 2 Hip Replacements
"I was one of Dr. Piston's first patients. After 4 hip dislocations, I had my right hip replaced in January and my left hip in September of 1995. I evaluated many surgeons prior to Dr. Piston and he impressed me the most. Prior to surgery he let me hold an actual hip replacement and explained the procedure in detail. It was wonderful he took time to explain everything and answer my questions. My hips are still like new. I continue to drive from Boardman, Ohio to Hermitage to work with the Rehab staff on problems with my back."

Surgery | Rehabilitation

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